The Value of Energy Storage and its Ability to Fight Climate Change

The decarbonization of the power sector is an unstoppable trend as evidenced by the Paris Climate Agreement and the actions taken by a large number of countries. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are the pillars for most of these decarbonization strategies, particularly in countries with a sizeable renewable potential, such as Mexico. Encouraged by its great solar, wind, biomass and hydro resources, Mexico has set ambitious goals to generate more of its power from clean energy sources. Wind and solar power plants are growing faster than any other technology.

Can Pakistan Experience an Era of Change?

Pakistan’s new government has promised to shake things up.

Elected in July and led by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI), the new administration has vowed to do away with business as usual. The PTI projects itself as something different—a clean party not led by a family dynasty—and insists it will run the country differently from previous government as well.

The Kerfuffle Over Increasing Gas Prices in Ukraine


Since early spring, Ukrainians have been waiting for the government’s decision on raising gas prices. Increasing the price of gas to market level was among the IMF’s requirements for Ukraine to receive the next loan tranche, about $1.9 billion, which the country assuredly needs. The IMF mission is expected to visit Kyiv in September 2018. There is no doubt that gas prices will increase. What is unclear is when and by how much. And these unresolved matters are causes of concern among Ukrainian society.

Urban Waste Revolution: Turning China’s Sludge and Garbage Mountains into Low-Carbon Solutions

China has a sludge problem. A big one. Wastewater plants in Chinese cities produce a staggering 40 million tons of this semi-solid slurry each year, enough to fill all of Manhattan with a 19-inch deep sludge lake. However, only one-fifth of China’s sludge is properly treated, while the rest is sent to landfills, incinerators, or illegally dumped. Similarly unsustainable methods are used to dispose of the mountains of solid waste generated by China’s urbanites.