Time for Mexico to Take its Destiny into its Own Hands

At a recent event on North American energy at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., the inaugural speech was given by Mexican Ambassador Gerónimo Gutiérrez. In a somber mood, Gutiérrez talked of the importance of continuing collaboration on energy policy but emphasized the risks of the failure of the NAFTA negotiations currently under way between the three North American governments.

Mexico’s Energy Outlook: A Conversation with José Antonio González, CEO of PEMEX

Thanks to Mexico’s landmark 2013 energy reform, PEMEX has been undergoing a transformation from a monopolistic national oil company to a company with a competitive entity, with a more efficient business model. José Antonio González Anaya has been leading this effort since February 2016, and has emphasized the importance of partnerships along the breath and length of PEMEX activities. PEMEX is now fully engaged, since 2016, in exploration and production activities in partnership with private and foreign companies. 

North America Energy Forum 2017


The Mexico and Canada Institutes hosted the Wilson Center's 2017 North America Energy Forum, now in its fourth year. The event focused on the major challenges and opportunities facing energy producers and consumers in the region, with a strong focus on innovation in the energy sector.



Protecting Mexico's Energy Reforms

When President Salinas Gortari signed the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement for Mexico in 1992, he provided certainty and stability for investors hoping to benefit from Mexico’s emerging manufacturing base. The trade deal locked in the benefits of domestic economic reforms and liberalization introduced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The steady flow of foreign investment that followed turned Mexico into a manufacturing powerhouse.

The Future of Coal

Despite campaign promises to bring back coal mining jobs, the momentum toward other sources of energy is growing while reliance on coal continues to decline. In fact, jobs in the coal industry have been disappearing since the 1960s. But there are states like Kentucky, and countries like China, that still rely heavily on coal as part of their energy and jobs mix. Lisa Abbott is a community organizer involved in helping coal reliant communities adjust to new realities. We spoke to her about the future of coal in Kentucky and beyond.

Person, Place, and Policy |Sault Ste. Marie’s Alternative Energy Transformation: A Canadian City Thinking Outside the “Grid”

Person, Place and Policy

The Canada Institute’s Person, Place, and Policy series links policy issues with real people and real communities.