'Energy Opportunities in North America': Duncan Wood Testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere

Testimony as prepared:

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Fourth Annual "Building a Competitive U.S.-Mexico Border" Conference

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute and the Border Trade Alliance were pleased to host our fourth annual high-level "Building a Competitive U.S.-Mexico Border" conference, which focused on improving border management in order to strengthen the competitiveness of both the United States and Mexico. Specific emphasis was put on a cooperative bilateral framework, border and transportation infrastructure, binational economic development, and the need for efforts that simultaneously support security and efficiency in border management.

Brazil, Mexico prominent on agenda at XXVI La Jolla Energy Conference Next Week

The Institute of the Americas hosts its 26th annual La Jolla Energy Conference next week, bringing together industry experts, government officials, and other influential figures for two days of dialogue and debate on the future of sustainability and energy policy in the Americas.

Change and Consequences: Is Saudi Arabia at the Dawn of a New Era?

Four experts discussed the current challenges Saudi Arabia is facing and the short- and long-term steps the kingdom’s leadership has taken to address these issues.

Final Report | Charting a New Course: Policy Options for the Next Stage in U.S.-Mexico Relations

The relationship between Mexico and the United States, although undoubtedly facing its most severe test in decades, remains strong. However, the challenge to the status quo of the relationship in early 2017 does highlight the need to think about this relationship in a radically different way. In addition to reaffirming the truths of economic interdependence and mutual security support, it is clear that the time has come to focus on new issues in the relationship, to adopt a new tone, and to propose a new course.

Charting a New Course: Policy Options for the Next Stage in U.S.-Mexico Relations

The Mexico Institute is pleased to announce the launch of its series, Charting a New Course: Policy Options for the Next Stage in U.S.-Mexico Relations, which reevaluates the U.S.-Mexico relationship and explores how both nations can improve upon the bilateral agenda given changes in the regional and global context.

Charting a New Course Part 2: U.S.–Mexico Energy and Climate Cooperation

The Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute has released a series of new essays under the banner, “Charting a New Course.” In this companion interview, we focus on recommendations for enhancing U.S.-Mexico cooperation on energy and climate issues and activities. Mexico Institute Director, Duncan Wood describes the current level of cooperation and provides a vision for the future in this edition of Wilson Center NOW


U.S.-Mexico Energy and Climate Collaboration

As the Trump administration takes office, the energy relationship between Mexico and the United States is at a historic high point. Mexico’s new energy model, based on market dynamics and attracting private and foreign investment, has opened the way for a highly constructive and productive dialogue between national authorities and their counterparts in Canada and the United States.