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Water and Sanitation Services for the Urban Poor

Gordon McGranahan, head of the Human Settlements Group, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), discussed the importance of local and community engagement in the provision of water and sanitation services for the urban poor. Although the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) bring important attention to the problems of unserved urban populations, the international framework for monitoring has produced statistics that are meaningless and often misleading. What is needed, McGranahan argued, are statistics that drive local action and monitor local progress.

Urbanization and Health in Developing World Cities

After fading from the agenda over the past fifteen to twenty years, urban health is recapturing the attention of policy makers and international health advocates worldwide. With rapid rates of urbanization, cities are struggling to provide a host of services and infrastructure for old and new populations alike.

EU Enlargement and Environmental Quality in Central and Eastern Europe

European Union (EU) accession is no longer a question of if but when for the countries of Eastern and Central Europe. But accession has required these countries to adopt wholesale European regulations on a broad number of topics, including environmental standards and protection. This day-long conference explored the potential effects EU enlargement might have on national and EU environmental quality and policies.

Internship with the China Environment Forum

Thank you for your interest in our work! CEF is no longer accepting applications for the Spring 2019 intern positions. 

Spring applications are due by December 8.

Summer applications are due by April 15.

Fall applications are due by July 1.

The China Environment Forum offers internships for students with an interest in, coursework related to, and/or experience working on topics of environmental and energy challenges in China.

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Seeking a sustainable future for a lasting peace

The Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) works to transcend the boundaries separating environment, population, health, and security.

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