Tackling Microplastics on Our Own


Plastics, ranging from the circles of soda can rings to microbeads the size of pinheads, are starting to replace images of sewage for a leading cause of pollution – especially in the ocean [1]. The threats of plastics are pervasive, with current estimates placing over 250,000 tons of plastic floating around the world’s oceans [3].  

Women and War: Securing a More Peaceful Future

“Conflicts are 35 percent more likely to be resolved and remain peaceful for 15 years if women are involved,” said Carla Koppell, vice president of the Center for Applied Conflict Transformation at the United States Institute of Peace, at a recent Wilson Center event on the role of women in war, security, and peace.

The 2018 Journalists’ Guide to Energy and Environment



Organized by the Society of Environmental Journalists, George Mason University, and the Wilson Center.

From pipeline politics to hurricane horrors, 2017 witnessed a flood of energy and environment news—and 2018 promises to set a new high-water mark. On January 26 at the Wilson Center, the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) will launch its annual report, "The Journalists' Guide to Energy and Environment,” which previews the top stories of 2018, with comments from a roundtable of leading journalists.

Weathering the Storm Through Collaborative Play

"Don't be shellfish, we're all in the same boat!"

Roger-Mark De Souza Departs Wilson Center for Sister Cities International

Roger-Mark De Souza, the Wilson Center’s Director of Population, Environmental Security, and Resilience, will depart at the end of 2017 to assume the position of President and CEO of Sister Cities International. 

A Matter of Survival: Learning to Cooperate over Water

Meeting our global water challenges is no ordinary task: it is a matter of survival. As global climate patterns shift, access to clean water will become more challenging; water will grow scarcer in some places, while others will suffer from too much.