Environmental Health

America Must Act on the North and South Poles

The two poles of our planet — the Arctic and Antarctica — demand greater attention right now. For decades, the United States has played a leadership role in both regions, a responsibility that it must continue to fulfill as a warming climate and other drivers of change are creating new challenges and opportunities. Regrettably, the Trump administration has not devoted the resources or high-level attention necessary to maintaining American leadership position on these critical matters.

Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape

As nature’s largest and longest-lived creations, trees play an extraordinarily important role in our cities; they are living landmarks that define space, cool the air, soothe our psyches, and connect us to nature and our past. Today, four-fifths of Americans live in or near urban areas, surrounded by millions of trees of hundreds of different species. Despite their ubiquity and familiarity, most of us take trees for granted and know little of their fascinating natural history or remarkable civic virtues.

The Green Supply Chain Challenge—On-The-Ground Stories from China

China is the undisputed factory for the world—dominating global trade in clothes and kitchen products as well as electronics, clean energy and manufacturing technologies. The unchecked industrial export boom that fueled China’s growth over 40+ years has also left the country with enormous pollution and environmental health problems. Speakers at this November 1st CEF meeting will discuss the challenges of greening the supply chain between Chinese companies and western consumers.