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Environmental Peacebuilding

Backdraft: The Conflict Potential of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

The European Union's biofuel goal for 2020 "is a good example of setting a target….without really thinking through [the] secondary, third, or fourth order consequences," said Alexander Carius, co-founder and managing director of Adelphi Research and Adelphi Consult.

Water, Conflict, and Cooperation: Practical Concerns for Water Development Projects

"Water disputes that can start at the local level—little things—have the potential, in extreme cases, to burgeon into something much bigger," warned Ken Hackett, president of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), during a discussion at the Woodrow Wilson Center (Webcast) for the launch of CRS' new publication, Water and Conflict: Incorporating Peacebuilding into Water Development

A Climate of Conflict: Considerations for Climate Adaptation in Fragile States

"I don't know of an armed conflict that has got a single cause," said International Alert Secretary General Dan Smith at an event sponsored by the Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program on June 10, 2009. "Our argument is simply that climate change adds another major variable into that mix." Smith was joined by Shruti Mehrotra, a senior consultant to International Alert on climate change, for a nuanced discussion of climate change's potential impacts on global stability.

Trends and Best Practices in Environmental Dispute Resolution in Latin America

Public policies governing natural-resource extraction in Latin America "are often seen as arbitrary" and illegitimate by communities, said Mara Hernández, director of the Centro de Colaboración Cívica, A.C. – México, at the Wilson Center on June 3, 2009.

Demography, Environment, and Conflict in Indonesia and India

"Indonesia's forest loss continues more or less unabated, despite global concern for the resource and forest-dependent people, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the problems and solutions: poor governance, corruption, perverse incentives in the industrial sector," said AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow Steve Rhee.

Report Launch: From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The Role of Natural Resources and the Environment

"Can we get beyond the point where environment and conflict always has to be a story of tragedy with no happy ending?" asked Achim Steiner at the March 24, 2009, launch of From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The Role of Natural Resources and the Environment, a new report from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).