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Weathering the Storm Through Collaborative Play

"Don't be shellfish, we're all in the same boat!"

Fleeing Change: Relocating the Village of Newtok, Alaska

The Village of Newtok, a Yupik Eskimo community of 450 residents, faces certain destruction from a slow-moving climate disaster. Coastal and river erosion of the Ninglick River embankment and degradation of the region's underlying permafrost have already destroyed critical infrastructure in the village, including the only barge landing, a solid waste site, and soon a freshwater source. Newtok may no longer be a viable community by 2020 and has been working to relocate to Mertarvik, a site nine miles upriver.

Securing the Third Pole: Science, Conservation, and Community Resilience in Asia’s High Mountains

“Change is everywhere where snow leopards live,” said World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Vice President Kate Newman at a recent Wilson Center event. “The life of the snow leopard is intimately intertwined with the lives of the people in these high mountains,” she said. If you care about water security and climate resilience in Asia, you should also care about the integrity of the snow leopard’s habitat, added Koustubh Sharma of the Snow Leopard Trust.

Responding to Natural Disasters: 3 Things We Must Do

As the nation and the its neighbors reel from an onslaught of natural disasters… hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and tsunamis… resilience and the capacity to plan and respond to such events is being put to the test like rarely before. The Wilson Center’s Director of Population, Environment, Security, and Resilience, Roger-Mark De Souza, shares the three things he believes we need to do in response to what may become the new normal. 

Citizen Science Is Making it Harder for China’s Biggest Polluters to Hide

Originally featured on New Security Beat, the blog of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.


Podcast: Citizen Science in China

Elizabeth Tyson, Global Fellow, was featured on the podcast Environment China, talking about her years of research in citizen science and Chinese environmental security:

15 Years of Environmental Peacemaking

As the 1990s drew to a close, there was a sense that much of the momentum gained at the first Earth Summit on sustainable development, a positive, affirming environmental narrative, was waning.