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Event Summary: Cambio Climatico y Seguridad Alimentaria en America Central

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CEF Associate, Susan Chan Shifflett, Interviewed by Al Jazeera English TV on China's Food Safety Challenges

Recently, the "fake meat" incident haunted foreign fast food giants in China. Several big names such as McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut were involved in this latest scandal. The incident again raised the public attention to continuous food safety issues in China. CEF Program Associate Susan Chan Shifflett was interviewed by Al Jazeera English TV with other experts and NGO workers discussing the political and social reasons and obstacles behind. 

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Migration of Central American Minors: Causes and Solutions

The dramatic rise in unaccompanied minors from Central America arriving in the United States has raised many questions about the factors contributing to this influx. In this event, foreign ministers of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras discuss the roots of this crisis and how their governments are responding.


Andrew Selee
Executive Vice President and Senior Advisor to the Mexico Institute

Environmental Dimensions of Sustainable Recovery: Learning From Post-Conflict & Disaster Response

“Environmental specialists need to change,” said Anita van Breda at the Wilson Center on June 25. “In the new normal, our work has to have a different relevancy.”

Dawn of the Smart City? Perspectives From New York, Ahmedabad, São Paulo, and Beijing

Rapid growth and environmental change are creating new challenges for urban areas around the world. From climate change adaptation and crime prevention to the integration of new residents, much is being asked of municipal governments. At the same time, new technologies – from data collection and real time monitoring to sophisticated “control centers” – are being developed that could help inform urban decision making and improve city management. Four essays present perspectives on the ideas behind smart cities from New York, Ahmedabad, São Paulo, and Beijing.

ChinaFile Quoted CEF's Infograghic on Environmental Impacts of China’s Pork Industry


Chinadialogue Quoted CEF's Infograghic on Environmental Impacts of China’s Pork Industry


Forbes Quoted the CEF's Infographic about the Environmental Impacts of Chinese Pork Industry

In the latest aticle, What the Pork? China, Pigs and Poop, Beth Hoffman reported the environmental impacts of raising livestock, and quoted the CEF's infographic about Chinese pork industry.