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INFOGRAPHIC: Environmental Impacts of China’s Pork Industry

Siqi Han

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CEF Director Jennifer Turner talked about the missions of the China Environment Forum in the interview with International Innovation Journal

In the latest issue of International Innovation, a journal providing insight and analysis on current scientific research trends, Jennifer Turner was interviewed on the role of the China Environment Forum (CEF) in promoting international cooperation and dialogues on Chinese environmental issues. In the article, Turner underscores CEF’s efforts on water-energy issues as well as food safety in China. She introduces three main initiatives that CEF is continuously working on— Choke Point, Cooperative Competitors and Complex Connections.

20 Years After Doomsday Predictions, China Is Feeding Itself, But Global Impacts Remain Unclear

  • How has China managed to feed nearly one-quarter of the world’s population with only seven percent of the world’s arable land?

From Victoria to Chilwa: Integrated Development in Two African Lake Basins

In Lake Victoria and Lake Chilwa basins, interconnected development challenges defy sectoral boundaries, said experts at the Wilson Center on February 10.

CEF Director Jennifer Turner quoted by Fast Company on Chinese technology firms and agriculture

In the artle entitled "Why Chinese Internet Companies Are Raising Pigs and Growing Organic Grapes," Dr. Jennifer Turner explains why Chinese tech companies are becoming interested in producing safe meat, and she highlights that the China's government is determined to improve food safety in its 12th Five-Year Plan period. 

CEF Intern Katie Lebling Cited by Bloomberg Businessweek

One of CEF’s research briefs about China’s distant water fishing was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek. It was written by one of our former interns (spring 2013), Katie Lebling, now a second year student at Johns Hopkins SAIS concentrating in China studies and energy, resources, and the environment.

Risk and Resilience: Sudan’s Livelihoods Challenge

Sudan’s pastoralists gained infamy during the conflict in Darfur last decade, when outsiders described the violence as a result of competition between climate-stressed, semi-nomadic herders and sedentary farmers. But Sudan’s pastoralists may not be as fragile as previously thought and could even hold the key to survival for similar groups in Africa, said a panel of experts at the Wilson Center on November 13.