Gender Equality

Diverse Boots on the Ground: EU and NATO Effectiveness

On 10th December 2018, the Wilson Center’s Women in Public Service Project (WPSP), German Marshall Fund (GMF) and Women in International Security (WIIS) jointly organized a discussion of the GMF paper, Raising EU and NATO Effectiveness: The Impact of Diverse Boots on the Ground by Corinna Hoerst, Laura Groenendaal and Gale A. Mattox.

Global Women’s Leadership Spotlight: Colonel Eries Mentzer

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with Colonel Eries Mentzer, Vice Commander of Joint Base Anacostia Bolling and former Air Force fellow at the Wilson Center.  Col. Mentzer discusses her rise through the ranks of the United States Air Force and the personal and professional mentors who helped shape her career.  Gwen Young, the Director of the Wilson Center’s Global Women’s Leadership Initiative also joins the discussion.


Q+A with Mariela Belski, Executive Director of Amnesty International Argentina

Q: On August 8, the Argentine Senate rejected legislation that would have legalized abortion, after the bill narrowly passed in the Lower House a month earlier. What happened? Given societal changes, is the legalization of abortion in Argentina inevitable?

Making it a Priority: Adolescents’ Health and Rights

“Adolescence is a time to support young peoples’ access to information, to education, to skills and to services that can result in a healthy and safe transition into adulthood,” said Sarah Barnes, Project Director of the Maternal Health Initiative, at a recent Wilson Center event on engaging youth and protecting their sexual and reproductive health and rights. “It’s time to make adolescents a priority,” said Barnes.

Will Women Decide the Brazilian Election? The Potential Impact of Female Voters and Candidates

Women could play a decisive role in determining who wins the presidential race in Brazil this fall. As many as one-third of female voters are currently undecided and half reject the current front-runner, Congressman Jair Bolsonaro. Leading male candidates, ostensibly in an effort to gain women votes, are choosing female running mates.

The Link Between Corruption and Gender Inequality: A Heavy Burden for Development and Democracy

Corruption, understood as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, is a major obstacle for sustainable economic development in Latin America. It endangers democracy, equality, the rule of law, ethical values, and justice. Furthermore, many forms of gender inequality are closely linked to high levels of corruption.

NATO Rep: “Peace and Security Are Not Just a Man’s World”

The NATO Secretary General's Special Representative for Women, Peace, and Security, Clare Hutchinson, discusses how women and gender considerations are becoming critical components of international security planning and policy in organizations such as NATO and the United Nations. Her thoughts on NATO’s commitment to closing the gender gap provides the focus for this edition of Wilson Center NOW.


TEDx: Gwen Young on Pathways to Women’s Leadership

The Wilson Center’s Women in Public Service Project has filled a crucial empirical gap on the road toward gender parity. In a recent TEDx talk, Director Gwen K. Young described the effort to compile data, extract new insight, and create a tool for promoting equality. That tool is the first global index to measure not only where women are in public service leadership, but the pathways they took and the power they hold.

Wilson Center Scholar Malu Gatto on Female Representation in Brazilian Legislature

Malu Gatto is currently a Fellow at the History and Public Policy Program at the Wilson Center. She is also a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science of the University of Zurich. Her current research project at the Wilson Center, “Establishing Women in the Anti-Establishment Era,” addresses the question of whether and how women’s political participation and ambition change in times of crises of representation.