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Gender Equality

Roadmap to 50x50: Power and Parity in Women's Leadership

Discover new tools to achieve gender parity in public service leadership around the world in a groundbreaking new report from the Women in Public Service Project.


#GettingTo5050: Framework Toward Action for a More Equal World

Learn more about the policies and practices driving gender parity around the world in Roadmap to 50x50: Power and Parity in Women's Leadership - launching May 15, 2018. Details here.

Live Webcast: Women's History Month: Women in National Defense

Sharon Dunbar, retired Air Force Major General and General Dynamics Mission Systems Vice President and General Manager of Federal Systems, joins the Wilson Center's Global Women's Leadership Initiative to discuss her rise from the third class of women to graduate from the United States Air Force Academy, to Commander, Air Force District of Washington, her transition to the defense industry, and why women matter in national defense. 

Setting the Stage for 2018: Will Women Move the Needle in the U.S. Midterm Elections?

2018 has already been hailed as a new “Year of the Woman.” Early evidence suggests that an unprecedented number of women are stepping up to run for office. As 2018 midterm elections approach, the country is asking: is this the year women leaders break through barriers to achieve higher representation in government?

She is One Episode 5: Innovating Leadership

Behind every statistic, there is a story to tell.

An initiative of the Women in Public Service Project, She is One is sharing the stories of the women behind the numbers. Join the conversation using #SheIsOne.

Learn more about the numbers driving global gender parity with our Global Women's Leadership Initiative Index.

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Does the “Western Model” Offer Any Promise for Ukrainian Women?

With near daily reports of sexual harassment rippling through the U.S. media, entertainment industry, and political arena—reports that have toppled the careers of many prominent male figureheads—some may question whether the West represents a hopeful or optimistic model for women in other parts of the world. America’s failure to level the playing field for women, let alone eliminate systemic sexism, sets a bad precedent for women activists who are striving to thwart conservative or traditional forces in their own societies.