Gender Equality

Islamic Feminism and Beyond: The New Frontier

Women throughout the Muslim world have been actively leading reform movements and pushing for gender equality since the early 20th century. On June 15, 2010 the Middle East Program of the Woodrow Wilson Center hosted two panel discussions to review the history and examine the progress of women's movements, specifically related to developments in Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey.

<b>Live Webcast--</b>Building for the Future: Women's Role in Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction

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This meeting considered the positive roles women have played in peace building and the impact of individual women, women's organizations, and women's civil society networks in aiding reconstruction. Panelists reflected on women's activism in both formal and informal peace processes, and provided insight into the most effective ways in which women are involved in reconstruction activities.

Panel I: The Role of Women in Conflict-Affected Areas

Women: MENA's Untapped Resource

Nadereh Chamlou, Senior Advisor, Office of the Chief Economist,
Middle East and North Africa Region, The World Bank

Women, Islam and Human Rights in Africa

In discussing some of the major issues concerning women’s position under Islamic law in Nigeria, Ayesha Imam, as keynote speaker, stated that Shari’a law is neither divine nor unchangeable. Although many Muslims and non-Muslims believe that Shari’a law is found in the Koran, she argued that this is not the case.

Women, Politics, and Islam: The Case of Tunisia

Summary of a meeting cosponsored by the Middle East Project and Africa Project with Lilia Labidi, University of Tunis (Tunisia) and current Woodrow Wilson Center Fellow.

<b>Live Webcast--</b>Gender and Trade:Identifying Myths, Overcoming Challenges and Developing Alternatives</b>

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Promoting Peace in Sudan: The Critical Role of Civil Society

October 8-15, 2004, Women Waging Peace hosted 16 Sudanese women peace builders for meetings, presentations, and events in New York and Washington, DC. The purpose of this conference was to raise the voices of women peace builders and urge the US government, the UN, other international governmental and non-governmental organizations, and think tanks to promote the inclusion of women in all efforts to bring peace to this troubled country.

312. Trafficking Women after Socialism: from, to and through Eastern Europe

Gail Kligman is Professor of Sociology and Director Designate of the Center for European and Eurasian Studies, University of California-Los Angeles. She presented a paper that she co-wrote with Stephanie Limoncelli at an EES noon discussion on March 11,2005. The following is a summary of her presentation. Meeting Report 312.