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Results of the Normandy Format Talks for Ukraine: Hope, with Reservations


Macron's Pivot to Moscow: Consequences for Ukraine


Explaining Brazil Podcast: Brazil's Role on the Global Stage, with Brazil Institute Director Paulo Sotero

This podcast episode is part of the Brazil Institute's ongoing collaboration with the Brazilian Report.

Youth Shaping the Future: An Emirati Perspective on Youth Empowerment

In one of the most turbulent parts of the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) grew to become a beacon of hope for young people. According to the 11th annual Arab Youth survey, for the eighth consecutive year, young Arabs chose the UAE as the number one country to live in. The survey highlights that unemployment and the rising cost of living are the main concerns of Arab youth.

Break all the Borders: Separatism and the Reshaping of the Middle East

Since 2011, civil wars and state failure have wracked the Arab world, underlying the misalignment between national identity and political borders. In Break all the Borders, Ariel I. Ahram examines the separatist movements that aimed to remake those borders and create new independent states.