Global Governance

Modi’s Vision: ASEAN and Indo-Pacific Security

There was no shortage of topics for discussion among delegates at this year’s iteration of the Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD) held in Singapore earlier this month, the spotlight was on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who gave his first keynote address to Asia’s premier security summit since it was inaugurated in 2002.

The Future of Arctic Cooperation in a Changing Strategic Environment: A Report by RAND

In recent years, the Arctic has been increasingly described as a region of intensifying geostrategic competition. Though cooperation in the Arctic region remains strong, questions have emerged about how resilient it would be to major changes, some of which the region is already experiencing, and whether the current patterns of cooperation between nations would continue.

Damning Findings: The JIT and Bellingcat Reports on the Downing of Flight MH17


Getting Out from In-Between

At the core of the dispute between Russia and the West is the contest over the countries physically located between them: Ukraine first and foremost, but also Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. While the relationship between Russia and the West was far from ideal before 2014, it was the Ukraine crisis that fundamentally changed that relationship.

Confronting Challenges to the Liberal World Order

A panel of Wilson Center scholars will debate the extent to which the liberal world order designed at the end of World War II has become outdated. The challenges posed by rising powers, alternative governance institutions, and non-state actors will be discussed, as well as proposals to update the institutions that have preserved that world order.
Does the ‘liberal’ characterization reflect today's realities? Should states accept negotiating frameworks with jihadis? What role should the U.S. play?