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Women in Developing Countries: Sowing the Seeds for the Future

On July 30, 2010, Wilson Center on the Hill sponsored an event looking at the challenges faced by women in developing countries, and how the United States can shape a new, more effective development policy that recognizes the key role of women.

Modernizing U.S. Foreign Aid: The Challenges of a Changing World

On June 26, 2009, Wilson Center on the Hill hosted an event examining the issues and options in the challenge to reform the U.S. foreign aid program. The program featured a panel of two experts who discussed criteria and strategy for the upcoming reform. The panel consisted of Ray Offenheiser, the President of Oxfam America, and Diana Ohlbaum, a Senior Professional Staff Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. The program was moderated by John Sewell, a senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Environment and Security in the Amazon Basin (No. 4)

Wilson Center Reports on the Americas No. 4: Environment and Security in the Amazon Basin

#199 The Quest for a New World Leadership

By Oscar Arias Sánchez


Oscar Arias Sanchez, former President of Costa Rica and winner of the
1987 Nobel Peace Prize for his work toward peace in Central America,
presented "The Quest for New World Leadership" at the Woodrow Wilson
Center's Evening Dialogue of March 19, 1992.

#224 Junior Scholars Training Program 1995-96

By Rut Diamint, Ana Julia Faya, and Ricardo Sennes


Table of Contents


El gobierno norteamericano ante el caso del Condor II: Sistema burocratico y toma de decisiones
Rut Diamint
Professor at Universidad Di Tella

The Changes in the Inter-American System in the 1990s
Ana Julia Faya
Researcher at Centro Felix Varela

#228 The Changes in the Inter-American System in the 1990s

By Ana Julia Faya


From the Introduction

This paper represents the fruit of the work done by Ana Julia Faya, a member of the first "class" of Latin American Junior Scholars participating in the Junior Scholars Training Program, a competitive scholarship offered by the Latin American Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center Scholars, with the generous support of The Ford Foundation.

#38 Looking for Another Angola: Cuban Policy Dilemmas in Africa

By Carla Anne Robbins

A preliminary draft was presented to the San Francisco World Affairs Council on November 30, 1978.


The goal of this paper is not to establish either the dependency or the autonomy of Cuba's policies in Africa, but to analyze how Cuba's "dependent" commitments to the Soviet Union interact with Cuba's "autonomous" commitments to the Third World to reinforce and constrain Cuba's current policy choices in Africa.

#240 Bolivia, Chile y Perú: De la divergencia a la cooperación

By Antonio Araníbar Quiroga


From the Preface

Mexico in Transition (No. 1)

Wilson Center Reports on the Americas No. 1: Mexico in Transition

In May 2000, the Latin American Program and Yale University held a conference to assess the profound transformations underway in Mexico and in U.S.-Mexico relations.  This volume offers several of the presentations from this conference which address three areas of concern: political and social transition in Mexico; new directions in economic policy; and the changing nature of U.S.-Mexico relations.

Training a New Generation of Leaders (No. 3)

Wilson Center Reports on the Americas No. 3: Training a New Generation of Leaders