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Wilson-Vidanta Fellowship Awardees for 2020

Juliana Tinoco (Brazil)              Gina Kawas (Honduras)


The Code Blue Series | A Growing Threat: Non-Communicable Diseases on Maternal Health 

CODE BLUE: The Importance of Integrating Care for Maternal Health and Non-Communicable Disease


“Widening Your Window” to Recover From Stress and Trauma

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with author Elizabeth Stanley about her latest book, Widen the Window: Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma. Stanley discusses the science of stress and trauma and explores cultural norms that impede resilience, such as the collective tendency to disconnect stress from its consequences and override our need to recover. She also explores how recovery and resilience are skills that can be taught and learned.

Widen the Window: Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress

Stress is our internal response to an experience that our brain perceives as threatening or challenging. Trauma is our response to an experience in which we feel powerless or lacking agency. Until now, researchers have treated these conditions as different, but they actually lie along a continuum. Dr. Elizabeth Stanley explains the significance of this continuum, how it affects our resilience in the face of challenge, and why an event that's stressful for one person can be traumatizing for another.

A Conversation with Former Ukrainian Minister of Health Ulana Suprun

The Ukrainian healthcare system has undergone major transformation over the past three years as it has transitioned from a Soviet healthcare system to a modern one based on international best practices. The Zelenskyy Administration has promised additional reforms to the healthcare system. Dr. Ulana Suprun, former Ukrainian Minister of Health, discussed the future of Ukraine’s healthcare transformation and share lessons learned during her three years of service from 2016 to 2019.

The Maternal Health Initiative launches the CODE BLUE series on non-communicable diseases and maternal health

Each year, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for 2 in every 3 deaths among women globally. It is estimated that NCDs kill 35 million people each year, and women of reproductive age make up about half of these deaths.

Mulheres Saudaveis Economias Saudaveis: Um Olhar Para O Brasil

Mulheres Saudáveis, Economias Saudáveis: Um olhar sobre o Brasil, discute as interseções da saúde e bem-estar das mulheres e seu empoderamento econômico, com um olhar específico sobre o conjunto de ferramentas Mulheres Saudáveis, Economias Saudáveis (HWHE) e sua implementação no Brasil. O relatório também analisa o atual progresso e as barreiras existentes à participação feminina no mercado de trabalho brasileiro.