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Putin’s Top-Down Revolution


In a momentous day for Russia’s politics, the Russian government resigned January 15 following President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of an array of changes to the country’s constitution. If implemented, the proposed redistribution of powers between the branches of government would compare in scale to that of 1993, when the current constitution was adopted.

Ukraine Quarterly Digest: October–December 2019


The end of the 2019 was an intense period in Ukraine. On the one hand, political scandals cast a shadow on the new administration’s efforts to move forward on its campaign promises. On the other hand, President Zelenskyy and his team achieved some progress on war-related issues and in Ukraine-Russia relations. This has somewhat eased the situation in the Donbas. A second prisoner exchange took place, and a new gas war was prevented through a last-minute agreement with Russia.



Oman: Assessing Sultan Qaboos' Half-Century Legacy

Every year, Sultan Qaboos, who died on January 10, 2020, traveled around Oman to meet with his subjects. One year, while meeting with a group of people in a small rural town, one of his subjects asked for na’il gadeed, which in most places, including Oman, means new sandals. The Sultan, instead of giving the man new sandals, gave him a new 4x4, because he knew that in this region, na’il meant car.

The Relationship

There is no border as complex and diverse as that separating Mexico from the U.S. It would be easy to simplify it, rationalize it as a merely commercial matter. The reality comprises an enormous diversity, complexity and multiplicity. The boundary with the U.S. includes legal and illegal crossing points, drugs, contraband, persons, ideas, goods, services and disputes. An old saying from the Mexican side of the region held that “if it fits through the bridge, it can pass”.

A Question of Attainability: States of Grand Strategy in the United States and China - Event Recap

Grand strategy, or the combined mobilization of military, diplomatic, political, and economic capabilities to achieve overarching national interests, is usually a clear indicator of country’s long-term plans.

Conspiracy Theories: The Kremlin’s Trusty Tool Might Be Used Against It


In late summer 2019, as the political protests in Moscow were heating up, some of the statements made by Russian politicians began to sound more bizarre by the day. First, some of the protesters were arrested for "injuring" heavily protected policemen with empty plastic bottles. That must indeed have been a blow to the egos of the Moscow bureaucrats, who, despite a decade of repressing dissent, were surprised to see that there were still people in the streets protesting.