Maritime Security in the Polar Regions: Legal Perspectives from the United States and China

Large-scale environmental changes have precipitated changing geopolitical and maritime conditions at both poles. These changes are expanding shipping and resource development activities in the Arctic.  Similar changes are also affecting Antarctica and may complicate governance of scientific research, tourism and fisheries management in that region. Both China, which released in January 2018 its first formal Arctic policy, and the United States have interests in the responsible development of the Arctic region and are key players in Antarctica as well.

Event Summary: Governor Geraldo Alckmin of São Paulo on Brazil’s Economic and Political Outlook in an Unpredictable Election Year

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Governor Geraldo Alckmin of the State of São Paulo spoke at the Wilson Center shortly before officially announcing his campagin for the presidency of Brazil. Alckmin argued that his success as governor of São Paulo spoke to his capacity to serve as president. He noted that crime and violence levels in the state fell under his watch, and contended that his state had weathered the economic recession better than most.

2018 Elections in Brazil

2018 Brazilian Congress

Resetting Polish-Ukrainian Relations

Relations between Poland and Ukraine are at their lowest point since 1991. The current impasse is deeply connected both to the narrative of victimhood common among post-Soviet states and to Ukraine and Poland individually objecting to certain exclusionary policies the other has crafted. The policies, the objections, and failure to reach common ground seem additionally amplified to serve domestic political purposes.

Ideological Competition in the Indo-Pacific

As the geopolitical competition between China and the United States heats up, most analyses have focused on China’s growing military power, China’s audacious Belt and Road Initiative to build infrastructure across the region and place itself at the center of the region’s geopolitical destiny, the administration’s still-gestating

What do Brazilians Want in Potential Candidates?

Brazil's New Political Movements Gain International Interest

"Brazil’s Angry Millennials Are Forming Their Own Tea Party and Occupy Movements"

The 50 young Brazilians who gathered in Sao Paulo’s statehouse one recent evening looked nothing like the old white men who traditionally fill its seats. Raising their cellphones as if in a salute, the young people live-streamed, photographed and tweeted their actions.

2018 Brazilian Elections - Timeline