Beheading Dragons: Streamlining China’s Environmental Governance

In March, China’s National People’s Congress passed sweeping reforms to streamline environmental governance in order to more rapidly mitigate China's crushing air, water, and soil pollution. Natural resource and pollution regulation have long been fragmented and managed by overlapping bureaucracies in China, leading to infighting and buck passing.

Italy at the Crossroads

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we examine the outcome of Italy’s general election in which populist parties surged to power, but none held enough seats to build a government.

The Ever-Shrinking World of Russian Politics

Vladimir Putin’s initial appointments since his reelection have produced few surprises. Many of the old guard remain in place, most notably Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Meanwhile, the “new” faces include Alexei Kudrin as head of the Audit Chamber. Kudrin, of course, is not new at all, having previously served for more than a decade as finance minister.