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Great Power Competition

China Update: Trade Wars and Beyond

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW our guest is the Kissinger Institute’s Robert Daly who provides an update on the latest developments from China. Among the topics he discusses are continued tensions on the trade front, Hong Kong protests, and the status of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” six years after its introduction.


Book Talk: "The Lands in Between: Russia vs. the West and the New Politics of Hybrid War"

Russia’s hybrid war on the West has disrupted politics in the United States and throughout Europe. Its effects are most visible in the "lands in between," the vulnerable countries that lie between Russia and the European Union and are subject to competing geopolitical influences.

What Do U.S.-China Tensions Mean for India?

The U.S.-China relationship is under considerable strain. This event will focus on the implications of these tensions for India, which is Washington's strategic partner and Beijing's strategic rival. Jagannath Panda will argue that U.S.-China relations are undergoing a major shift with ramifications for the entire world, and he will discuss what this means for New Delhi and how it should respond.  Jeff Smith will provide comments that emphasize the implications of these U.S.-China-India dynamics for U.S. interests and policy.

Engage Or Retreat? American Views On U.S. Foreign Policy

Washington is torn between two futures for US foreign policy: one of engagement and intervention, another of retrenchment and retreat. The 2020 presidential election will provide an opportunity for the American public to critically assess the Trump administration’s America First foreign policy.

Chinese and Russian Border Disputes - Are Dotted Lines a Red Line?

China and Russia are both continental powers which border fourteen nations—a tie for highest neighbor count on Earth. Throughout their respective histories, each has expanded and contracted, spawning countless border disputes. Dr. Alexseev and Dr. Zhao examined historical Sino-Soviet and Sino-Russian border disputes and their resolution, drawing lessons about how Russia and China view territorial issues and what that history means for current disagreements, such as those over the Kuril Islands/Northern Territories and Senkaku/Diaoyu islands.

Eagle Watching in Moscow and Beijing: Russian and Chinese Historical Perspectives on the U.S.

Russia’s and China’s America policies are shaped not only by their assessments of the United States’ current intentions and capabilities, but by the evolution of their views of the U.S. over the past two centuries. Please join us for a discussion of the history of Chinese and Russian narratives of the United States and how they inform policies in Moscow and Beijing today.