The Storied Past of “Denuclearization”

The word is not unique to the Korean Peninsula, but could achieve new significance because of it

Inventing the Immigration Problem

In 1907 the U.S. Congress created a joint commission to investigate what many Americans saw as a national crisis: an unprecedented number of immigrants flowing into the United States. Experts―women and men trained in the new field of social science―fanned out across the country to collect data on these fresh arrivals.

China’s Alliances with North Korea and the Soviet Union: A Conversation with China’s Leading Historians

The Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program is pleased to host China’s three leading diplomatic historians for a discussion about the history and present day relevance of China’s Cold War-era relations with North Korea and the Soviet Union.

God’s Country: Christian Zionism in America

The United States is Israel’s closest ally in the world. Some point to the nefarious influence of a powerful “Israel lobby” within the halls of Congress. Others detect the hand of evangelical Protestants who fervently support Israel for their own theological reasons. Samuel Goldman proposes another explanation.

Haunted by Chaos: China’s Grand Strategy from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping

Before the Chinese Communist Party took power, China lay broken. Today it is a force on the global stage, but remains haunted by the past.

The Kingdom of God Has No Borders: A Global History of American Evangelicals

Most histories of conservative Protestantism in the twentieth century focus on the domestic agenda of the Religious Right. The Kingdom of God Has No Borders offers a new perspective by focusing on the global context.

Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World

In September 2008 the Great Financial Crisis, triggered by the collapse of Lehman brothers, shook the world. A decade later its spectre still haunts us. As the appalling scope and scale of the crash was revealed, the financial institutions that had symbolized the West’s triumph since the end of the Cold War, seemed – through greed, malice and incompetence – to be about to bring the entire system to its knees.

The Anti-American Politics of John Le Carré

The 2018 Wm. Roger Louis Lecture 
The Wm. Roger Louis Lecture honors the founding co-chair and steadfast supporter of the Washington History Seminar. Wm. Roger Louis is the Kerr Chair in English History and Culture at University of Texas at Austin. A former president of the National History Center, Professor Louis is a Global Fellow with the Wilson Center.