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Germany 30 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with author Hope Harrison about her new book, After the Berlin Wall: Memory and the Making of the New Germany, 1989 to the Present. Drawing on an extensive range of archival sources and interviews, the book profiles German citizens who have fought to commemorate the history of the Berlin Wall and examines their roles in the creation of a new German national narrative for the 21st Century.

Ola Hnatiuk’s “Courage and Fear:” Book Talk

“Courage and Fear” is an evocative and meticulously documented study of World War II Lviv’s intelligentsia, masterfully told through stories of individuals who inhabited the city in that period.

ROK-U.S. Cooperation in an Era of U.S.-China Strategic Competition

How should middle powers such as South Korea navigate the growing strategic competition between the United States and China? For Northeast Asian nations like South Korea, maintaining harmonious relations with China has been a priority going back centuries while its alliance with the United States dates back only decades. Scholars from Asia and the United States will debate the dilemma faced by South Korea and debate the direction the Seoul government should take as the nation seeks to strike the right balance in policy with its allies and neighbors.

Belarus: Often Overlooked, It Will Reward Historians and Social Scientists


Belarus is a visible presence in Eastern European politics and on all kinds of maps, yet very little is written about it. An independent country for thirty years, it is the size of Austria in terms of area and twice the size of Finland in population terms. Its capital, Minsk, is a thirty-minute flight from the nearest European capital, Vilnius.

The Treaty of Versailles: A Century Later

The Treaty of Versailles: A Century Later A Reflection on Ending War and Building International Peace


This is an off-site event taking place at the U.S. Institute of Peace, for more information and to register please visit their website.

Anatoly Dobrynin and His Legacy: Reflections on His Centenary

The Kennan Institute, History and Public Policy Program, and the National History Center will host a panel session marking the centenary of one of the 20th century’s most important diplomats, Anatoly Dobrynin.

Dreams of Russian Democracy: What Went Wrong?

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with Andrei Kozyrev, former Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, about his new book The Firebird: The Elusive Fate of Russian Democracy. Kozyrev provides an eyewitness account of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the struggle to create a democratic Russia under Yeltsin, and how this critical period eventually allowed the rise of crony capitalism and Vladimir Putin.


Parsing the propaganda: What to make of Kim Jong Un on a white horse

Kim Jong Un on a white horse, galloping through the snowy mountains at top speed, fog and mist rising behind him. Kim Jong Un leading the charge up a steep mountain, like a general leading warriors heading off to battle. Kim Jong Un lost in thought as he rides solemnly through the forests of Mount Paektu, his sister at his side.

Wilson Center-Bilkent University Workshop on New Middle East Sources

The Wilson Center's History and Public Policy Program and the Center for Russian Studies at Bilkent University hosted a workshop this past fall to recognize collaboration and partnership between the two organizations and to explore new archival sources in and on the Middle East.