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The Soviet Evacuation Experience and Internal Migration: A Conversation with Title VIII Research Scholar Natalie Belsky

Natalie Belsky is a Title VIII Research Scholar with the Kennan Institute, where she focuses her research on the social history of evacuation in the Soviet Union during World War II. We asked her to reflect on her work at the Kennan Institute and tell us more about how she became interested in her research topic.


Q: Describe your background and what brought you to the Wilson Center.

Nuclear Weapons and Their Pride of Place in North Korea

Visiting my colleague Van Jackson’s office in New Zealand last week, I spotted a classic North Korean souvenir on his shelf: commemorative stamps, packaged as a booklet and sold to the tourist who brought it back for him as a gift last year. These stamps are not of the iconic Juche Tower or the Arch of Triumph (which every North Korean will point out is taller than its counterpart in Paris).

Announcing the Fall 2019 Washington History Seminar Schedule

The Woodrow Wilson Center and the National History Center are delighted to announce the schedule for the spring season of the Washington History Seminar.  Fall 2019 offers an exciting lineup of speakers who will be sure to sustain the seminar’s reputation as one of Washington D.C.’s most intellectually vibrant venues for thinking about the past and establishing its relevance to the present.  Each week the seminar offers fresh perspectives on an important historical topic, bringing distinguished senior scholars, talented young historians, and other inquiring minds to talk about their recent

Public Action During the Thaw: An Interview with James H. Billington Fellow Dmitry Kozlov

Dmitry Kozlov was the 2018-2019 James H. Billington Fellow for Russian History and Culture at the Kennan Institute. He focused his research on profound changes in the use of public spaces and the norms of public behaviour effected by Soviet youth during the 1950s and 1960s. He is also a Research Fellow at the Research and Information Centre “Memorial” in Saint Petersburg.


Q: Describe your background and what brought you to the Wilson Center.

Behind Asia’s Other Trade War

While the trade war between Washington and Beijing has garnered significant attention, another trade war between two of the world’s largest and most advanced economies is heating up. Japan and South Korea are the world’s third- and twelfth-largest economies, respectively, representing an annual GDP of greater than $6.5 trillion. Yet trade friction between Tokyo and Seoul has intensified as a political standoff, rooted in history and inflamed by domestic politics on both sides, has begun to impact the economies of two critical American allies and global supply chains.

Call for Papers - NATO: Past and Present