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Soviet Attack on Vilnius: Sound, 1/13/1991 (4:20)

Origins of Terrorism: Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States of Mind

Terrorists and terrorism have become a major force internationally. Hostage-taking and other acts of violence for political ends are common all over the globe. This groundbreaking study sheds new light on the phenomenon of terrorism.

This book examines and explains the nature and sources of terrorists’ beliefs, actions, goals, worldviews, and states of mind. Origins of Terrorism addresses, with scholarly responsibility as well as necessary urgency, one of the most vexing intellectual and political challenges of our time.

Vitaly Korotich on Gorbachev, Perestroika (0:28)

Gorbachev Speaks on Sov. TV, 12/31/1987 (0:22)

Reagan, Gorbachev Sign INF Treaty, 12/1987 (0:38)

Thatcher on Gorbachev, 1985 (0:35)

Gorbachev Gains Power: NPR Newscast, 3/11/1985 (0:32)

BBC Report on Brezhnev Funeral, 11/1982 (2:53)

Sound From Brezhnev Funeral, Nov. 1982 (1:47)

Andropov Replaces Brezhnev. BBC, 11/12/1982 (0:18)