Nelson Mandela: The Aristocrat and the Revolution – A Historical Biography

Author Xolela Mangcu dispenses with the standard argument that Nelson Mandela was the product of the traditional African leadership culture of his guardian, Chief Jongintaba. He argues that through their policy of pragmatic friendship with white colonialists, Mandela’s Thembu royal family became early founders of a conservative, collaborationist, colonial modernity that stood in sharp tension with his later radical influences in Johannesburg. These contradictory, but unmistakably modernist, influences became the source of Mandela’s celebrated pragmatism.

The Asian Financial Crisis, 20 Years On

Over two decades have passed since what started as a currency issue in a Thailand quickly spiraled into a financial crisis that enveloped over a dozen countries in Asia.  Through years of concerted intervention by both governments and commercial interests, including the International Monetary Fund, the region was stabilized. Asia is now the world’s most economically dynamic region.  But are Asian nations prepared for another crisis, and what lies ahead for the global economy? 

Allegations of Collaboration with Secret Police Fail to Tarnish the Russian Church’s Charisma

It was to a resounding silence that the news broke last December that today’s Russian Church’s organization was essentially formed under the watchful eye of the NKGB, a precursor to the KGB.

Vietnam: The Kissinger-Le Duc Tho Negotiations, August 1969-December 1973

Vietnam: The Kissinger-Le Duc Tho Negotiations, August 1969-December 1973, an almost 1,800 page documentary history of the negotiations, compiled and edited by John M. Carland, contains word searchable transcripts of every meeting Kissinger had with the North Vietnamese—comprised of 68 separate meetings in 27 separate negotiating rounds. The negotiations resulted in the still controversial January 1973 Paris Peace Accords.

The Kremlin’s Revision of Russia’s Revolutionary Legacy

The downgrading of the October 1917 revolution as a foundational event in the official narrative of modern Russia’s history is striking. The date has been quietly dropped from the calendar of official commemorative days. Yet the Kremlin’s revision of history, taking place without fanfare, does not entirely mask what may be the driving force: a fear of instability in society and among the political elite that could threaten the state. The long reach of the past appears to still be causing the Kremlin some anxiety.

Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

In this deeply researched and fast-moving narrative, author Ibram X.

China’s Increasing Pressure on Taiwan

After a decade of relative quiet, tensions across the Taiwan Strait are poised to return to the fore as a major issue in the Asia-Pacific and a significant driver of tension between China and the United States. Beijing’s negative reaction to the election of Tsai Ing-wen as president of Taiwan has continued to fester, despite her efforts to engage the mainland on her own terms, and is beginning to escalate tensions in an area that has previously been relatively quiet.