Human Rights

One Name, One Life, One Symbol: The Last Address Project

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with Sergey Parkhomenko, Kennan Institute expert as well as a journalist, publisher, and founder of several projects aimed at developing civic activism and promoting liberal values in Russia. He discusses Posledny Adres (Last Address), a civil campaign dedicated to creating a collective memorial to the victims of political repression in the Soviet Union and Russia. 


Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis - The Brazilian Perspective

Russia and the European Court of Human Rights after 20 Years

Despite ratifying the European Convention on Human Rights 20 years ago, the Russian government today remains widely criticized for its human rights record. Using the findings of the recent book Russia and the European Court of Human Rights: the Strasbourg Effect, Cambridge University Press, 2018 (Mälksoo and Benedek (eds)), the panel discussed what socialization has taken place in Russia as a result of its participation in the ECHR system. 

Beyond 'Coyotes': Current Trends in the Facilitation of Irregular Migration in Latin America

For generations, the persona of the coyote, or smuggler, as facilitator of irregular migration has been a central figure in Latin American migrants’ accounts of their journeys ‘up north.’ While traditionally viewed as providing a necessary service, smugglers are increasingly depicted as violent and predatory men often operating in collusion with other illicit networks for the sole purpose of obtaining financial profits. This narrative, while compelling, often obscures the fact that migrants' reliance on coyotes is a response to multiple factors.