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Human Rights

The Burundi Leadership Training Program

"Imbedding Non-Violence in The Ethos of a Conflicted Society: Training Burundi’s Youth in Conflict Resolution"

Tina Robiolle and Steve McDonald 

Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges

Africa Program, Woodrow Wilson Center; 

School of Advamced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University; 

Foundation for World Wide Cooperation

"Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges" is a follow up to last year's Conference in Bologna. This Conference aims to bolster African initiatives toward unity, integration, and prosperity. Also, at issue will be the role of actors such as the United Nations, African Union, European Union, and the United States and China governments. 

Maternal Health Challenges in Kenya: What New Research Evidence Shows

“Although there have been improvements in the recent past, the status of maternal health care has not met the required international standards,” said Professor at the University of Nairobi Geoffrey Mumia Osaaji during a live video-conference from Nairobi on July 12. As part of the 2011 Maternal Health Dialogue Series the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Global Health Initiative is partnering with the African Population and Health Research Center to convene a series of technical meetings on improving maternal health in Kenya.

"As Full Rehabilitation as is Possible": Do Torture Survivors Have a Right to Care?

The Woodrow Wilson Center’s Latin American Program and the Center for Victims of Torture are proud to have co-sponsored the event, “’As Full Rehabilitation as is Possible’: Do Torture Survivors Have a Right to Care?” on what is an important, difficult, and sensitive topic.

Iran: Will Repression Succeed?

In light of the Arab Spring and the Green Movement in Iran, a panel of Iran experts discussed the prospects of the Islamic Republic of Iran and whether its policies of repression have worked.