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Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges

Organized by:

Africa Program, Woodrow Wilson Center;  School of Advamced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University;  Foundation for World Wide Cooperation

"Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges" is a follow up to last year's Conference in Bologna. This Conference aims to bolster African initiatives toward unity, integration, and prosperity. Also, at issue will be the role of actors such as the United Nations, African Union, European Union, and the United States and China governments.

Sexual Violence and the Political and Security Implications in the Congo

In a conference co-sponsored by the International Crisis Group and the Wilson center, Executive Vice President Mike Van Dusen opened up by welcoming participants.  He then stated that the tragedy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in recent years has many historical antecedents: 32 years of “Mobutuism,” two brutal wars in the 1990s, and continued armed conflict since, all characterized by civilian abuse, victimization, and denial of humanitarian assistance that has cost as many as 3 million lives, possibly far more.