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Human Rights

LGBT Rights in the Post-Arab Spring Middle East

“It’s very intolerant across the region. Pew Research Center poll data shows that a lot of societies are still very, very hostile with the idea of seeing the LGBT community as part of society.”

--- Arnaud Kurze, Wilson Center Global Fellow

Can the arts provide safe spaces for the LGBT community in societies that are often hostile to their search for tolerance and rights? Wilson Global Fellow Arnaud Kurze shares his latest research on LGBT rights in the post-Arab spring Middle East. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW

Local Approaches to Addressing Crime and Violence in Latin America


Local Approaches to Addressing Crime and Violence in the Americas: How Smarter Policing and Decentralized Approaches Can Help

Don’t Learn from Russians about the Holocaust

What was striking for some of us long-term Russia watchers about the statement by the White House regarding the International Holocaust Remembrance Day was not just the obvious omission of references to Jews, but the reference to “innocent people” who suffered in the Holocaust. The phrase was strikingly reminiscent of the language that the Soviets used for decades when describing Holocaust victims.