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Wilson Forum - From Cyber to Immigration, Terrorism to Disasters: Securing America in the Next Administration

On this episode of Wilson Forum U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano discusses her department’s plans to protect America in the years ahead from multiple threats including cyber-crime, terrorism, immigration, and natural disasters. The event is moderated by Wilson Center Director, President, and CEO Jane Harman.


The Senate and Nonproliferation: Reflections over Two Decades

The Woodrow Wilson Center and the Los Alamos National Laboratory
"The Senate and Nonproliferation: Reflections over Two Decades"

 Thomas Moore
Deputy Director, Proliferation Prevention Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies;

former Senior Republican Professional Staff Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Kerry in Asia: Fleshing Out the Rebalance

Newly-minted Secretary of State John Kerry is in Asia this week amidst a rising sense of crisis prompted by weeks of bellicose rhetoric and increasingly dangerous threats by regional bad boy North Korea.

The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth

From the publisher: “The most momentous change in American warfare over the past decade has taken place away from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, in the corners of the world where large armies can’t go. The Way of the Knife is the untold story of that shadow war: a campaign that has blurred the lines between soldiers and spies and lowered the bar for waging war across the globe.

U.S. Special Operations & Iran Update

On a new episode of Dialogue at the Wilson Center we focus on U.S.  special operations with the help of our guest Air Force Colonel Wolfe Davidson.  Col. Davidson is an Air Force Special Tactics Officer who has spent the majority of this military career in special operations. He is currently a fellow at the Wilson Center. In our second segment we discuss the latest attempts to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program with Michael Adler.  Adler is a journalist and a Wilson Center public policy scholar.

Latin American Program in the News: Latin America's Cold War History

This provocative book, like other recent Cold War scholarship on Latin America, ascribes centrality to the actions, ideologies, and interests of Latin Americans

Harman: Drone Courts Can Work

In the debate on drone policy that is raging in Washington, a simple solution is available. Why not use the framework established in the 35-year-old Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, to cover drone strikes and offensive cyberoperations?

Latin American Program in the News: Hand of U.S. Is Seen in Halting General’s Rise in Mexico

2012’s Top 'New Security Beat' Posts

The original version of this article appeared on ECSP's blog, New Security Beat.