International Development

Ukraine and China: Seeking Economic Opportunity within a Framework of Risk

China has big plans to invest in Ukraine. Today the wealthiest Ukrainians tend to spend their hryvnia savings, fearing high inflation and devaluation of the hryvnia. As the situation is very unstable, nobody except the National Bank of Ukraine is trying to predict the hryvnia exchange rate. The treasury is emptying and the state’s debts are growing, though the risk of panic is still low.

The Asian Financial Crisis, 20 Years On

Over two decades have passed since what started as a currency issue in a Thailand quickly spiraled into a financial crisis that enveloped over a dozen countries in Asia.  Through years of concerted intervention by both governments and commercial interests, including the International Monetary Fund, the region was stabilized. Asia is now the world’s most economically dynamic region.  But are Asian nations prepared for another crisis, and what lies ahead for the global economy? 

Urban Risk or Resilience? Improving Informal Settlements in Urban Africa

In 2008, we reached the urban tipping point: across the world, the same number of people lived in cities as in rural areas. Ten years later, the rate of urbanization continues to rise, especially in cities across Africa and Asia, and often in fragile and conflict-affected regions. The lack of effective urban planning has enormous consequences: an estimated one billion people live in unsafe slums without enough services. But with smart policies and strong infrastructure, cities could build more resilient urban communities.

Women’s Financial Inclusion: A Pathway to Sustainable Development

Gender equality is essential to sustainable development. Building strong and inclusive economies requires fully integrating women and girls into all spheres of human endeavor, not only as beneficiaries of equal opportunities, but as powerful shapers of social and economic development.