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International Development

In Refuge: Family Planning in Humanitarian Settings

34 million women and girls are currently in need of humanitarian assistance resulting from natural disasters, wars, conflicts, and other crises. Women in humanitarian settings have high unmet reproductive and maternal health needs. Since 2011, Save the Children, CARE, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC), have delivered voluntary contraceptive services, including long-acting reversible contraceptives, to over 1 million women and girls affected by humanitarian crises. 

IT Connection: Leveraging Technology to Serve Youth and Jobs

I am an Omani female entrepreneur who had a strong passion and curiosity in technology since a young age. My interest in technology started in the old internet age when people used to connect to the internet through Dial-Up and communicate using platform such as MSN and Yahoo messengers. I was always eager to learn about how computer software works and the way that they are designed and built. I wanted to understand the computer language the programming aspect of it.