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IT Connection: Leveraging Technology to Serve Youth and Jobs

I am an Omani female entrepreneur who had a strong passion and curiosity in technology since a young age. My interest in technology started in the old internet age when people used to connect to the internet through Dial-Up and communicate using platform such as MSN and Yahoo messengers. I was always eager to learn about how computer software works and the way that they are designed and built. I wanted to understand the computer language the programming aspect of it.

The Aftermath of a Lackluster G20

Risks to global growth still loom large, not least as trade tensions between China and the United States remain unresolved after the latest G20 summit. Yet the biggest takeaway from the Osaka meeting is that the real, long-term threat to global stability is not friction over tariffs and trade imbalances. Rather, the biggest source of instability is the growing divide between the world’s two largest economic and political powers, and the rest of the world.

U.S. Leadership Needed on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Sixty percent of Syria’s population are either refugees or internally displaced.  Of those thirteen million Syrians, nearly six million are refugees who fled to neighboring Middle Eastern nations—five times more than the one million in Europe and the U.S.

Strengthening Egypt’s Refugee Programs

Over the past two years the number of registered refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt has increased by 21 percent. Today, Egypt is among the highest destination countries in Africa receiving documented and undocumented immigrants. Many are African, Yemeni, or Syrian refugees fleeing political instability, conflict, and civil war.