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Women’s Financial Inclusion: A Pathway to Sustainable Development

Gender equality is essential to sustainable development. Building strong and inclusive economies requires fully integrating women and girls into all spheres of human endeavor, not only as beneficiaries of equal opportunities, but as powerful shapers of social and economic development.

What to Do About the South?

The poverty of the southern part of the country is an open sore and intolerable and even more so when the widening gap characterizing the Two Mexicos is appreciated: the one growing swiftly, and the one falling behind, ever more impoverished. The recent earthquakes have done nothing more than evidence, once again, the dimensions of the problem and the urgency of attending to it. There is no way that the country can attain development if it does not “jump-start” the South. However, it is not obvious what can or should be done to achieve this fundamental imperative.