International Development

Shifting Paradigms: The Role of Young People in Building Peace and Security

Since its adoption in December 2015, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace, and security has been hailed as the first of its kind to recognize young people as meaningful drivers of change through its explicit encouragement of youth leadership at all levels of conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

A Conversation with Her Excellency Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile

The equal inclusion of women in public dialogue and decision-making is a key driver of sustainable development. Women in the Pacific Alliance countries – Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru – are progressing towards gender parity and inclusive growth, but challenges remain. While development agendas continue to evolve in response to challenging regional and global conditions, governments of the Pacific Alliance have shown a strong commitment to embedding gender considerations in public policy and to including gender as a crosscutting issue within the Alliance’s work.

Frustrated Democracy in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan

Frustrated Democracy in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan tells how a newly independent oil-rich former Soviet republic adopted at first a Western model of democratic government but turned toward a corrupt authoritarianism.

Pathways to Climate-Smart Agriculture in Africa

“Climate change and food insecurity are the twin crises that may define Africa’s future,” said the World Bank’s Ademola Braimoh at the Wilson Center on September 13. One proposed solution is so-called “climate-smart agriculture” (CSA), an approach to farming that aims to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change while increasing agricultural production and income.

Building a Case for Integrated Development: Identifying & Answering Key Research Questions

With the Sustainable Development Goals nearing their one-year anniversary, the global community continues to strive toward eradicating poverty by 2030. In order to achieve this ambitious target, many international development practitioners are embracing a more holistic approach to development, combining traditionally single-sector programming, like health or environment work, into more comprehensive efforts. But such integrated development is sometimes easier said than done.

Women and the SDGs: Partner Perspectives

Please join Plan International USA and the Woodrow Wilson Center for a practical discussion on how various partners can and should work together to move the SDG needle for women and girls. The panelists will share their perspectives and the challenges they face, and discuss what the SDGs really mean for women globally. To enhance the conversation, 26 women leaders from 18 countries participating in Plan's Global Women in Management program will also be in attendance to share their views from the field.

The discussion will be from 4-5pm, with a reception to follow from 5-6pm.

UNEP's GEO-6 North American Report: Informing the 2030 Development Agenda

With so much focus on global environmental problems, many may wonder how their region is faring more specifically. This is the sentiment behind the United Nations Environment Program’s process for the latest iteration of its flagship assessment, the Global Environmental Outlook 6 (GEO-6). 

Pakistan Has Lost Its ‘Angel of Mercy’

In May 2002, police discovered the mutilated body of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi, Pakistan. When it was time for Pearl’s remains to be collected and prepared for the long trip back to the United States, the police who found the body didn’t undertake this delicate task. Neither did any other law enforcement official or public servant.