International Security

Is There Any Hope for Yemen?

Does Yemen have a future beyond the violent civil strife; intervention by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iran; and the famine and disease that have plagued the country in recent years? What are the prospects for UN-mediated talks? And what is an appropriate U.S. policy toward the conflict?
Three experienced observers of Yemen addressed these and related questions in a wide-ranging discussion on the country’s future.


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The Big Opportunity for U.S.-Pakistan Relations in Afghanistan

In early December, Pakistani officials revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump had sent a letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan asking Islamabad to help Washington launch a peace process to end the war in Afghanistan.

The Arctic and U.S. National Security

The Polar Institute's The Arctic and U.S. National Security symposium provided a timely and important opportunity to explore and promote Arctic security discussions at a critical time for the region. The symposium included policy leaders currently drafting branch-specific Arctic strategies, solicited insight from senior Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Commerce leadership, and elicited guidance and perspective from individuals representing the State of Alaska, industry, and research communities.