An Escape Plan: The Faces of the New Russian Emigration

Russian emigration has been gathering speed over the last few years. Who are these new emigrants, what are they seeking, and how does the current Russian migration compare to those past? Roman Super will discuss the nature of the current Russian outflow, drawing from his research and personal interviews.

The Other Major Refugee Crisis: 3 Million Afghans

Syria’s refugee crisis dominates the headlines, but the crisis of Afghan refugees is significant—and has the potential to undermine the future of a country in which the U.S. has invested so much. Here are four things about a crisis that gets relatively little attention in the West.

Journey Into Europe: A Discussion With Filmmaker Akbar Ahmed

Anthropologist, author, and filmmaker Akbar Ahmed, a former Pakistani diplomat, has been exploring the world of Islam and its interactions with the non-Muslim world through a series of books and films. The latest in the series, “Journey Into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Identity,” comes at a vital time for the EU as it grapples with a migration crisis with no end in sight. A discussion of the film and the issues it explores provides the focus for this edition of  Wilson Center NOW.


Money is flowing over the U.S.-Mexico border, but it’s going north

In 2006, Hazleton, Pa., became the center of the national debate about illegal immigration. Faced with an influx of immigrants, many of them from Mexico, it was the first city to pass local ordinances that banned hiring or renting to unauthorized immigrants. Although the courts eventually struck down the ordinances, Hazleton’s city council had accurately captured the fears that many Americans had about the wave of unauthorized immigration then coming from south of the border, fears that still echo in this year’s election campaigns.

Evolving Migration Crisis in Europe

Wilson Center Public Policy Fellow James Hollifield has been closely following Europe’s migration crisis and just returned from a trip to Morocco. He provides an update on the evolving situation in this edition of  Wilson Center NOW.


Dadaab to Dollo Ado: Why East Africa's Refugee Crises Can No Longer Be Ignored

Citing security concerns, the government of Kenya recently announced their intent to close the world’s largest refugee complex, Dadaab, after almost 25 years.

The plan has attracted international criticism, and if carried out, could set a dangerous precedent, warn some. But others say Kenya has done more than enough to accommodate refugees from Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and other conflict-affected neighbors over more than two decades – with inadequate support from the international community.

Travels in France: Reflections on World War II Heroes and Victims

Traveling in France recently, I paid homage to two great sacrifices that teach us we can never forget the price of freedom in the face of determined and organized aggression: to the allied soldiers who died at Normandy in June 1944 and to my great-grandfather, Samuel Wassermann, a German Jew deported from his home in Mannheim in 1940 to a camp in Nexon where he perished in 1942.

Film | Journey into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Identity

“It is hard to exaggerate the importance of this work”

- Dr. Rowan Williams
former Archbishop of Canterbury

Priorities for Mexico's New U.S. Ambassador

“The principal task of Ambassador Carlos Sada Solana should not be to respond in a direct manner, to the anti-Mexican discourse that is rampant during this electoral period, but rather to address this rhetoric in a strategic fashion.”