Central America - North America Migration Dialogue: Policy Brief Series

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute and Latin American Program, CIESAS, and Georgetown University are pleased to invite you to the Central America - North America Migration Dialogue Policy Brief Series. The goal of the Central America - North America Dialogue (CANAMID) is to gather and disseminate rigorous analyses on Central American and Mexican migration at its points of departure, transit and settlement communities in Mexico and the United States. Please join us for the launch of the first set of eight CANAMID policy briefs. 

Fences of Fancy: The Refugee Crisis in Europe

With no fence blocking the tracks, hundreds of refugees cross the Schengen border daily walking into the EU along the railroad that links Belgrade (Serbia) and Budapest (Hungary). August 2015. Photo: Edvard Molnár (molnaredvard@gmail.com).

Mother Russia's Chilly Embrace

Anzur moved to Irkutsk, a city in Siberia near Lake Baikal, from his home in Uzbekistan on the advice of his brother, who had lived there previously. After a serious injury ended his hopes of becoming a professional soccer player, the 19-year-old Anzur had few options for earning money. When I met him, he had been in Irkutsk for a year and a half and was working as a custodian in an office building.

Roger-Mark De Souza on Population Dynamics, Climate Change & Resilience

Understanding population dynamics and climate change is essential to building resilience across the world's most vulnerable regions, said Roger-Mark De Souza in a recent interview with ClimateWire. Changes in climate are likely to hit hardest in regions with fast growing populations, but their connection goes even deeper.

Turkey after Elections: Iranian Nuclear Deal, Kurdish Peace Process and the Fight against DAESH

In their article “Turkey after Elections: Iranian Nuclear Deal, Kurdish Peace Process and the Fight against DAESH”, Global Fellow Bülent Aras and Fuat Keyman, Director of the Istanbul Policy Center, discuss the changes in Turkey’s political climate and the implications of forming a coalition government following elections in June. They argue Turkey will be better off forming an AKP-CHP coalition government as opposed to waiting until 2016 to do so.

Did You Know: Mexican Migration

Unauthorized migration has already become a major issue of the upcoming 2016 elections. With so many voices, players and opinions, it may become hard to tell fact from fiction. This summer, the Pew Research Center came out with new data and numbers on the topic. Here are a few facts to know about Mexican migration. Read the full article: http://pewrsr.ch/1HND619 #Didyouknow

Infographic: A History of Immigration Policy and Migration Flows


Global Trends and Their Implications: Focus on Climate Change

The Wilson Center’s Global Sustainability and Resilience Program and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation convened a panel on the implications of trends that will define the next decade. Urbanization, migration, and climate change are some of the complex realities that are challenging leaders and citizens across the planet. This edition of REWIND recaps the conversation concerning climate change.

Border Patrol Statistics 2014

In the past five years there has been a large increase in the number of unaccompanied minors encountered along the U.S.- Mexico border. The spike in numbers caught international media attention and quickly became a topic of political, economic and social debate. In 2015 the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol released statistics on the unaccompanied child migrants. 

This info-graphic illustrates the unaccompanied migrant children encounters by country, from 2009 through 2014.