How U.S. Aid Is Contributing to Anti-Corruption Efforts in Honduras

By Ambassador James Nealon (r) and Kurt Alan Ver Beek, Ph.D.

Rhetoric Meets Reality at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Immigration and NAFTA in a New Era of Bilateral Relations

On July 1st, Mexican voters took to the polls and issued a call for sweeping change. Andrés Manuel López Obrador won the presidency and, along with its coalition partners, his party won a majority of seats in both houses of Congress. As a result, AMLO, as López Obrador is known, will take office in December with a stronger electoral mandate than any other president in Mexico’s modern, democratic era. Though his commanding victory seems to have impressed U.S. President Donald Trump and the two presidents appear to be in a sort of honeymoon period, the good times are unlikely to last.

Infographic | What Did AMLO Propose to Trump?