A Critical Juncture: Public Opinion and U.S.-Mexico Relations

The Wilson Center and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs are pleased to invite you to an event on public opinion on U.S.-Mexico relations. Over the last two to three decades, public opinion in the bilateral relationship has risen and fallen, and U.S.-Mexico relations have hit a rough patch since the election of Donald Trump. Today, Mexican public opinion of the United States has fallen to a historic low; however, U.S. opinion of Mexico is quite strong and on the rise.

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Brazil Feels the Effects of the Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

Venezuelans are crossing into the northern Brazilian state of Roraima by the tens of thousands, fleeing an intensifying humanitarian crisis. Although most leave after only a brief stay,  over 12,000 Venezuelans have chosen not to return since 2014. Some are driven by a fear of violence or political persecution, others by economic motives.

What Awaits the Rohingya in Bangladesh?

The plight of the Rohingya community is truly one of the saddest stories of our times.

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A Conversation with Vice President Mike Pence

In a wide-ranging conversation on U.S. engagement in the Western Hemisphere and the world at large, Vice President Mike Pence and Wilson Center President Jane Harman discussed U.S. goals in Central America, President Trump’s Cuba policy, the crisis in Venezuela, and beyond.

The Vice President also addressed the U.S. relationship with Mexico and drug-trafficking, while making bold statements on North Korea and NATO.