Актуально: толерантність!

Видання здійснено у рамках проекту "Ширення толерантності: роль громадських організацій у формуванні порозуміння між населенням України та іммігрантами", фінансованого Міжнародним фондом "Відродження". Матеріали збірки, за задумом авторів, мають сприяти формуванню в Україні толерантного середовища, запобіганню шовінізму та ксенофобії. Збірка розрахована на працівників НДО, журналістів, студентів та всіх, хто зацікавлений у демократичному розвитку нашого суспільства.

Rebounding Identities: The Politics of Identity in Russia and Ukraine

An examination of post-Soviet society through ethnic, religious, and linguistic criteria, this volume turns what is typically anthropological subject matter into the basis of politics, sociology, and history. Ten chapters cover such diverse subjects as Ukrainian language revival, Tatar language revival, nationalist separatism and assimilation in Russia, religious pluralism in Russia and in Ukraine, mobilization against Chinese immigration, and even the politics of mapmaking.

Invisible No More

In the spring of 2006, more than three million immigrants—most of them originally from Mexico—marched through the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Denver , Dallas, and dozens of other U.S. cities, to protest peacefully for a comprehensive immigration reform that would legalize the status of millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Though few are voters—and even fewer in swing districts— migrants’ remarkably disciplined, law-abiding collective actions sent a message—“we are workers and neighbors, not criminals” that resonated on Capitol Hill.

Creating Diversity Capital: Transnational Migrants in Montreal, Washington, and Kyiv

How do urban communities accommodate this century’s massive transnational migrations? This volume seeks clues about how a city’s capacity for urban social sustainability, termed "diversity capital," may expand under such conditions.

Russia's Lost Reformation: Peasants, Millennialism, and Radical Sects in Southern Russia and Ukraine, 1830-1917

Radical Protestant Christianity became widespread in rural parts of southern Russia and Ukraine in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Russia’s Lost Reformation: Peasants, Millennialism, and Radical Sects in Southern Russia and Ukraine, 1830–1917 studies the origins and evolution of the theology and practices of these radicals and their contribution to an alternative culture in the region.

Frontier Passages: Ethnopolitics and the Rise of Chinese Communism, 1921-1945

In this pathbreaking book, Xiaoyuan Liu establishes the ways in which the history of the Chinese Communist Party was, from the Yan’an period onward, intertwined with the ethnopolitics of the Chinese “periphery.” As a Han-dominated party, the CCP had to adapt to an inhospitable political environment, particularly among the Hui (Muslims) of northwest China and the Mongols of Inner Mongolia.