Immigration and Border Security in the Age of Trump

Wall or no wall, Mexico, the United States, and Central America face a migration crisis that will only continue to worsen. Tens of thousands of people—in particular from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala—are being pushed out of their countries and towards the United States by a toxic combination of extreme violence, poverty, and lack of economic opportunities.

Final Report | Charting a New Course: Policy Options for the Next Stage in U.S.-Mexico Relations

The relationship between Mexico and the United States, although undoubtedly facing its most severe test in decades, remains strong. However, the challenge to the status quo of the relationship in early 2017 does highlight the need to think about this relationship in a radically different way. In addition to reaffirming the truths of economic interdependence and mutual security support, it is clear that the time has come to focus on new issues in the relationship, to adopt a new tone, and to propose a new course.

Russia’s Exceptional Diaspora

Why aren’t many Russian émigrés willing to contribute to their former homeland?

I was reminded of a striking difference between Russia and Israel when I walked past a Washington synagogue this winter. A handwritten poster hung beside the door: “We help Israel!”

Mexican Exodus: Emigrants, Exiles, and Refugees of the Cristero War

Mexican Exodus investigates the intersections between Mexico’s Cristero War (1926-1929) and Mexican migration to the United States during the late 1920s. The book traces the formation, actions, and ideologies of the Cristero diaspora, a network of tens of thousands of Mexican emigrants, exiles, and refugees across the United States who supported a Catholic uprising against the anticlerical Mexican government from beyond the border.

Charting a New Course Part 4: U.S. – Mexico Migration Agenda

Mexico Institute Senior Advisor and Wilson Center Executive Vice President Andrew Selee is the guest for part four of the series, “Charting a New Course.” In this episode we focus on the migration agenda and related issues and policies between the U.S. and Mexico. Immigration issues have loomed large in U.S. politics for some time now, but how much is really understood about migration patterns between the North American neighbors?  Selee sheds much needed light on an issue too often the subject of heat in this edition of Wilson Center NOW


Charting a New Course: Policy Options for the Next Stage in U.S.-Mexico Relations

The Mexico Institute is pleased to announce the launch of its series, Charting a New Course: Policy Options for the Next Stage in U.S.-Mexico Relations, which reevaluates the U.S.-Mexico relationship and explores how both nations can improve upon the bilateral agenda given changes in the regional and global context.

Ground Truth Briefing: Is Climate-Related Migration a National Security Issue?

In this conversation, three veteran analysts of climate change and migration discuss the impact upon national and international security - and what policymakers should do about it.