Infographic: Mexico's New Labor Reform

Knowledge Gaps Create Opportunity for Mischief Among U.S. Legislators as USMCA Ratification Stalls

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Trump Threatens to Put Tariffs on Cars Coming from Mexico

"Imposing tariffs on cars for this reason would be a huge violation of existing trade rules. What’s more it would be immensely costly for US auto producers and consumers. It’s difficult to see this as a credible threat. The Mexican government will surely view this threat with some skepticism as well as frustration after making significant concessions to Trump on migration last week."

- Duncan Wood 


Get USMCA Done to Preserve Over 30 Years of Prosperity

The United States, Mexico and Canada have forged a massive commercial relationship over the past three decades.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) significantly reorientated all three economies. Businesses and farmers built mutually beneficial co-production networks that enabled them to compete successfully against other global trading powers.

The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) preserves economic advances wrought since NAFTA came into effect in 1994.

The USMCA and the Future of Mexico's Trade Policy under AMLO

In this event, Luz María de la Mora, Mexico's Undersecretary for Foreign Trade, discussed the USMCA and future directions of Mexico's trade policy under AMLO.

Infographic | USMCA: Value Content and Wage Provisions

North America’s New Free Trade Agreement: Impacts on the North American Auto Sector

Executive Summary

The new North American free trade agreement will have a substantial impact on vehicle manufacturers, their parts suppliers and their customers. The impact on vehicle companies will vary depending in part on where such key components as engines and transmissions are sourced for their North American assembly plants.

Infographic | USMCA Chapter 20: Intellectual Property

Infographic | USMCA Chapter 23: Labor

Infographic | USMCA: Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures