NAFTA on More Solid Footing, Despite the Drama

NAFTA is on More Certain Ground But Modernization is a Long Way Off

Duncan Wood on El Financiero TV | Trump expone la vulnerabilidad de la economía de EU ante negociadores de TLCAN

Earl Anthony Wayne on U.S.-Mexico Relations with C-SPAN Washington Journal

Earl Anthony Wayne, Mexico Institute Fellow and former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, talked to C-SPAN Washington Journal about the state of U.S.-Mexico Relations amid disputes over immigration and trade.

Potential Costs of Withdrawing from NAFTA: Presentation by E. Anthony Wayne

In Trade, Getting to Yes is Not a Surrender

In his State of the Union address last month, President Trump declared that “the era of economic surrender is over.” That combative stance seemed an ominous beginning to outlining a protectionist U.S. trade stance. Surprisingly, though, he didn't mention any specific trade agreement by name, nor did he suggest ripping up existing ones. That’s still cold comfort at a time when anxieties about major disruptions in international trading patterns being one of the biggest risks to disrupt growth remain strong.

Infographic | Industry 4.0 Challenges

Infographic | The Skills Gap in North America

'The Economic Relationship Between the United States, Canada, and Mexico': Earl Anthony Wayne Testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Testimony as prepared:

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