NAFTA and European Investors: Impacts across the Atlantic

The Wilson Center's Canada and Mexico Institutes and the Global Europe Program invite you to a discussion about the European perspective on the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation.

It's in America's National Interest to Stay in NAFTA

President Trump’s new national security strategy stresses the importance of promoting America’s prosperity and security. It highlights rivalry and competition with China and Russia and underscores the importance of strengthening international alliances where partners shoulder their responsibilities.

NAFTA to Remain on U.S. Naughty List

The December round of NAFTA negotiations concluded with some progress on the easy issues, but none on the troublesome issues that could kill the agreement. Following the U.S. promise to ‘take the names’ of UN members that did not endorse the U.S. plan to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Santa’s lens might turn to North American trade where Canada and Mexico are on the White House naughty list in ALL CAPS.

A Critical Juncture: Public Opinion in U.S.-Mexico Relations

Since the 1980s, the cooperation between the U.S. and Mexican governments has improved tremendously. However, despite the deepening governmental, economic, and societal ties that have occurred over the last two to three decades, the way in which the U.S. and Mexican publics view one another has experienced several ups and downs. Public opinion in the bilateral relationship has risen and fallen even as official relations between the United States and Mexico steadily improved.

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