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PODCAST | The Origins of NAFTA (Trade Month)

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The Art of the (NAFTA) Deal, Round Five

The fifth round of fraught negotiations to revamp NAFTA are under way, as trade officials and diplomats tackle a balance sheet of both opportunities and impossibilities. In the latest episode of Wilson Center NOW, Duncan Wood parses the political and economic calculus on all three sides of the negotiating table as the fate of the deal hangs in the balance. 


Avoid Chaos: Negotiate a Modern NAFTA

The fifth round of negotiations to modernize the trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico begins this week, after a contentious October session, a prolonged break and a decision to extend talks into early 2018.  

Introducing the U.S.-Mexico Task Force

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute, the Center for American Progress, McCain Institute for International Leadership, and George W. Bush Institute in Dallas are coming together to launch the U.S.-Mexico Task Force, co-chaired by Former Sens. Tom Daschle and Trent Lott, in an effort to examine and strengthen the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

Ditching NAFTA Not in America's Best Interests

Texas has the most to lose of any U.S. state if NAFTA talks go wrong. It has a great deal to gain if the talks to modernize NAFTA go well. Now that the negotiations have slowed over controversial U.S. proposals, Texans and their elected federal and state representatives should be making very clear to the Trump administration team overseeing the NAFTA negotiations that they should do no harm to the massive Texas-Mexico trade relationship, and rather focus on creating new opportunities.