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Syrian President Defies Global Pressure to Resign

Wilson Center Director, President, and CEO Jane Harman appears on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" to discuss the security threats posed by Syria and the importance of a united global front when pressuring President Assad to resign.

Obama Administration Tells Syrian President to Step Down

The U.S. has finally reconciled its policy between Syria and Libya, says Aaron David Miller, but this does not mark the end of the Assad regime.


Conventional Arms Control in Europe During the Cold War: New Insights From the Archives

Christoph Bluth, professor of international studies at the University of Leeds will discuss his on-going research on the history of the Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (MBFR) negotiations.

NATO's Evolving Role in Afghanistan

NATO remains an essential component of the international community's efforts to work with Afghan officials in building a stable, prosperous, and democratic Afghanistan. Canada has been a major contributor to this effort, particularly in securing the war-torn southern region of the country.

<b>Live Webcast</b>--Bulgaria in NATO: A New Framework for Regional Security

Minister Svinarov discussed key issues in collective security and defense, and highlighted some of the political and operational challenges that Bulgaria had addressed in the run-up to full membership in the NATO alliance, finally achieved in 2004. He also expounded on the country's pro-active stance in the war against terrorism, and its alignment as a strategic partner for enduring peace and stability in the Balkans and surrounding regions.

Securing the Balkans

Amb. Mallias emphasized the broad sweep of outstanding issues in the Balkans that need to be elevated to priority status on the EU agenda, in conjunction with an active American commitment to help resolve Kosovo's final status and strengthen the European security perimeter through EU and NATO enlargement. He described Europe's strong commitment to addressing ongoing and potential challenges in the Balkan region as a platform for strengthening both U.S.-Greek and broader trans-Atlantic relations in 2005 and beyond.

NATO Today, EU Tomorrow: Bulgaria's New Missions

By Susan M. Spencer
Writer and Senior Editor, Western Policy Center

In previous periods in international relations, the mantra has been "peaceful coexistence" and "rapprochement," while, today, the point of reference is security.