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Nuclear Energy

Deploying Clean Technologies: Canada-United States Private Sector and Government Investment in Cleantech

The Public Policy Forum convened an expert roundtable in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Washington, the Canada Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and the Center for American Progress to discuss private and public sector investment in clean technologies in Canada and the United States.

Environmental Advocacy and the Movement for Nuclear Safety in Kazakhstan

At a recent Kennan Institute talk, Kaisha Atakhanova, Director, Karaganda Ecological Center, and 2005 Goldman Environmental Prize Winner from Asia, described how the people of Kazakhstan were able to successfully resist a proposed law that would allow foreign countries to dispose of nuclear waste products in Kazakhstan. She explained that Kazakhstan already has a devastating legacy of nuclear contamination from Soviet-era nuclear tests and power plants, which has hurt the country's environment and the health of its citizens.

Economic Growth and Environmental Security in Russia

At a recent Kennan Institute seminar, Aleksei Yablokov, President, Center for Russian Environmental Policy, Moscow; and D.J. Peterson, Senior Political Scientist, Rand Corporation, discussed the environmental problems that Russia faces and how these problems can be addressed while promoting economic growth. Both speakers agreed that something can and should be done to address Russia's serious environmental challenges, but they expressed concern that protecting the environment will be difficult in the context of Russia's current political conditions.

Iran Primer III: Iran's Economy/Sanctions Regime

In the third in a series based on the recently published The Iran Primer, contributors Kevan Harris and Suzanne Maloney discussed the current state of Iran's economy, the utility of the sanctions regime, and the Iranian bazaar and labor movement.

Iran Primer II: The Nuclear Controversy

In the second of a series of meetings based on The Iran Primer, three contributing authors presented insights on Iran's nuclear capabilities and limitations; its uranium enrichment program; its ballistic missiles; and the utility and role of multilateral diplomacy. Speakers assessed Iran's nuclear agenda one week before the second round of diplomatic negotiations between Tehran and the world's six major powers in Istanbul January 20-21.

Hong Kong Conference Report: Section 1 (English)

The three talks presented here opened the two-day Green NGO and Environmental Journalist Forum in Hong Kong. These talks presented an overview of green NGO development in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan and painted pictures of three diverse environmental movements. Since these movements developed independently in different political and social environments it is not surprising that there are marked variations in the character and scope of environmental NGO activities in each area.

Hong Kong Conference Report: Part 1 (Chinese)

Through a generous grant from the U.S. Institute of Peace, ECSP organized a forum in Hong Kong to provide opportunities for 65 environmentalists and journalists from the three areas of Greater China to discuss improving the capacity of environmental NGOs and the quality of environmental reporting in the region. Part 1 (Chinese).