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Nuclear History

The Senate and Nonproliferation: Reflections over Two Decades

The Woodrow Wilson Center and the Los Alamos National Laboratory
"The Senate and Nonproliferation: Reflections over Two Decades"

 Thomas Moore
Deputy Director, Proliferation Prevention Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies;

former Senior Republican Professional Staff Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

North Korea Warned Foreigners During Past Crisis

WASHINGTON - North Korea’s recent warnings to diplomats and foreigners living in Pyongyang that their safety cannot be guaranteed because of the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula are not unprecedented. Documents obtained and translated by the North Korea International Documentation Project (NKIDP) reveal that North Korea has issued similar warnings during past crises in Korea.

NPIHP Releases Largest Collection of Documents on the History of South Africa's Nuclear Program

NPIHP is pleased to announce the largest ever release of documents on South Africa’s nuclear history.

NPIHP Partner Publishes Article on Able Archer Crisis and Deterrence Theory

NPIHP Partner Dima Adamsky published an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Strategic Studies. "The 1983 Nuclear Crisis – Lessons for Deterrence Theory and Practice" examines NATO's 1983 Able Archer exercise that simulated a nuclear strike in Europe. Using newly-available historical sources, Adamsky suggests that the severity of the conflict stemmed from the US deterrence strategy of the time and offers a new mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of deterrence.

Extensive Collection of Declassified Materials Now Accessible, Searchable in New Digital Archive

WASHINGTON — The Wilson Center today launched a new Digital Archive of declassified official documents from nearly 100 different archives in dozens of different countries that provide fresh, unprecedented insights into the history of international relations and diplomacy.

Issue Brief #2 - How to Become a Customer: Lessons from the Nuclear Negotiations between the U.S., Canada and Romania in the 1960s

NPIHP Issue Brief #2: Civil nuclear cooperation agreements have returned to the nuclear policy limelight due to several recent deals, including those with India in 2005, with the UAE in 2009 and Vietnam in 2010. Despite their popularity and apparent utility, civil nuclear cooperation agreement negotiations are fraught with the possibility of deception.

NPIHP Announces 2013 SHAFR Summer Institute Participants

NPIHP is pleased to announce the participants in the 2013 SHAFR Summer Institute on the International History of Nuclear Weapons at the Wilson Center on 14-19 June, 2013. These 18 promising scholars will gather for an intensive overview of the global history of nuclear weapons through seminars led by some of the world’s leading nuclear historians.

Celebrating the Legacy of Daniel Patrick Moynihan: The Launch of "Moynihan's Moment," a New Book by Gil Troy

On November 10, 1975, the General Assembly of United Nations passed Resolution 3379, which declared Zionism a form of racism. Afterward, a tall man with long, graying hair, horned-rim glasses, and a bowtie stood to speak. He pronounced his words with the rounded tones of a Harvard academic, but his voice shook with outrage: "The United States rises to declare, before the General Assembly of the United Nations, and before the world, that it does not acknowledge, it will not abide by, it will never acquiesce in this infamous act."