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Old-age Security

Health Care and Retirement: Lessons from the United States and Canada

As the United States heads toward a presidential election, two issues on Americans' minds are health care, particularly for the millions who lack coverage, and the future solvency of Social Security. While the United States and Canada have different health and retirement systems, both potentially can learn from each other as they consider health sector solutions. To that end, the Canada Institute, in conjunction with the Global Health Initiative, and the Congress Project have held seminars in recent weeks to debate these pressing issues.

Learning from Foreign Models in Latin American Policy Reform

The international diffusion of policy ideas and practices is a subject of growing interest, raising such questions as: Why are there increasingly such waves of policy innovation? What prompts one country to emulate another's changes? Is it the influence of powerful international actors like the World Bank? Is it the motivations and interests of domestic actors? And how freely do imitators adapt foreign models to the needs and characteristics of their own countries, rather than simply replicating them?

Welfare Reform: A Race to the Bottom?

This timely collection presents research contributing to the ongoing debate over welfare reform in the 1990s. Some chapters argue that the law will lead states to restrict benefits out of fear of becoming “welfare magnets.” Other chapters assert that no such shift is taking place. Still others point to evidence that states are serving as “laboratories of democracy.”