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Wilson Center entrusted with Critical Arctic Documents from Guggenheim Partners

WASHINGTON, DC – The Wilson Center announced today that as part of a newly formed partnership with Guggenheim Partners, Guggenheim’s Arctic Infrastructure Inventory would be transferred to the Wilson Center and managed by the Center’s Polar Institute.

The Wilson Center’s Polar Institute raises awareness about critical issues facing the Polar regions by fostering research, dialogue, and programmatic activity on Arctic and Antarctic issues. 

The High Arctic Research Center Concept: Year-Round, Multi-Domain Access for Research, Development and Domain Awareness in the North American Arctic

Rapidly accelerating change in the Arctic brings a complex mix of impact, opportunity and challenge. Year-round, multi-domain access for science is required to provide the observations, measurements and analysis required to build effective predictive, decision-informing models. Year-round, multi-domain access for emergency response and national security is required to develop and test Arctic hardened technologies, enable robust domain awareness and facilitate Arctic operational experience.

The Northern Northern Border: Homeland Security Priorities in the Arctic: Mike Sfraga Testifies Before the Committee on Homeland Security

Polar Institute Director Mike Sfraga testified before the House Homeland Subcommittee on Transportation & Maritime Security.

The testimonies of all the witnesses can be downloaded here>>> 


Pining for the Fjords of Greenland - Following Up on the Arctic

A few weeks ago in the Need to Know podcast episode "Foreign Policy on Top Of The World," host Aaron Jones asked Polar Institute Director Mike Sfraga what we needed to look for out on the horizon. He said "Greenland." Now Greenland has emerged, and we revisit this territory of Denmark with a deeper look at its significance, both in recent news and in Arctic geopolitical strategy.


5-Part Series: The Arctic and U.S. National Security

The Arctic is undergoing profound geological change at a dizzying pace. The Wilson Center’s Polar Institute is proud to present a new program series about the international and local implications of this new Arctic to an Alaskan audience who are most directly affected.

The series, The Arctic and U.S. National Security, will air Monday, April 8 through Friday, April 12 on GCI Channel 907, starting at 8 p.m. each day.

An Interview with Woodrow Wilson Fellow Ruslan Garipov

Ruslan Garipov is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow with the Polar Institute, where he researches indigenous populations in the Russian polar north and greater Arctic region. The Kennan Institute recently asked him to reflect on his work at The Wilson Center and on how he hopes his research will have an impact on policy going forward.

Q: Tell me about your background and what brought you to The Wilson Center.