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Losing Newtok: A Story of Climate Change in Alaska


A Closer Look at Russia’s Arctic Muscle Flexing

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As global oil prices stay low, as federal budgets tighten, and as prospective trade along the Northern Sea Route remains risky, why is Russia continuing to build up its military presence in the Arctic?

The Wilson Quarterly Wins EPPY Award for Best Digital Magazine

WASHINGTON – The Wilson Center’s Wilson Quarterly has been honored with Editor and Publisher’s EPPY Award for Best Digital Magazine with under 1 million unique monthly visitors. The EPPY awards honor the best media-affiliated websites and recognize The Wilson Quarterly’s latest issue, which contains eight dynamic articles and a stunning interactive project on the theme “Into the Arctic.”

Ambassador David Balton to Join the Wilson Center

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Wilson Center-Arctic Circle Forum Proceedings

The Arctic is no longer an uncharted realm on the fringe of the international policy landscape. Rather, it has emerged as a region of global relevance and significance--the host of both challenges and opportunities in the geopolitical, environmental, economic, and social spheres. Dramatic physical changes brought about by a rapidly warming climate drive much of these dynamics. The Wilson Center–Arctic Circle Forum's keynote presentations, panel discussions, and meetings touched upon all of these issues, particularly as they apply to the United States and Russia.

Arctic Environmental Futures: Nexus of Science, Policy, and Operations

Rapid climate and environmental change in the Arctic is shaping this critical region in unprecedented ways, while increasing attention toward global connections. How do Arctic environmental futures affect science, policy, and operations in this region and beyond? How can scientists and policymakers work together to define and answer the most pressing questions?

Leading Arctic scientists, policymakers, and emergency response officials will present and discuss the most recent research on Arctic change, extreme weather, indigenous communities, and emergency response operations. 

Book Talk: Melting the Ice Curtain: The Extraordinary Story of Citizen Diplomacy on the Russia-Alaska Frontier

At the height of Cold War tensions, Alaskan and Russian citizen diplomats reached across the Bering Strait to launch 30 years of perilous yet prolific dialog. David Ramseur’s book, the first to document this era, is the story of how inspiration, courage, and persistence can bridge a widening gap in international relations, detailing a model of cooperation sorely needed today.

Dispatches From the Northern Frontier


Alice Rogoff is the publisher and owner of Alaska Dispatch News, one of the country’s most northerly publications. On the sidelines of the Wilson Center-Arctic Circle Forum, she highlighted the importance of reporting on the full array of Artic dynamics, from geopolitics to environmental challenges, and how those dynamics affect real people in their daily lives in the far north.