Arctic Issues Becoming Global Issues

Once viewed as local and regional in nature and impact, Arctic issues are becoming global issues. Wilson Center Polar Initiative Director Mike Sfraga explains why in this edition of Wilson Center NOW


Day 1: The Wilson Center-Arctic Circle Forum


The United States and Russia in the Arctic
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center


06-21-2017 Arctic Circle Forum

The North American Arctic: Building a Vision for Regional Collaboration



Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) Keynote Address

The North American Arctic: Building a Vision for Regional Collaboration


Coverage by John Milewski with photographs by Christopher Cruz

What Does the World Expect of President-elect Trump: Polar

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The Wilson Center Breaks Ice on Revitalized Polar Initiative

Leading Arctic Expert Tapped to Head Up New Department

WASHINGTON —  The Woodrow Wilson Center announced today that Dr. Michael Sfraga will be the new director of the center’s revitalized Polar Initiative.

Can the U.S. and Russia Avoid an Arctic Arms Race?

The Arctic is currently experiencing major systemic changes as a result of climate change, which could produce greater international cooperation—or competition, and possibly conflict—among the states concerned. Both the United States and Russia have strong interests in keeping the Arctic an area of peaceful cooperation and the institutions and mechanisms exist to support that outcome. The key question is whether current geopolitical tensions will permit that to happen.

Advancing Arctic Economic Development

A recent day-long event, the  Arctic Economic Development Forum, was hosted at the Wilson Center with participants exploring a range of issues related to increasing activity in the polar region. We spoke to one of the key players, Arctic Economic Council Chair, Tara Sweeney, to learn more about efforts to advance regional development. That’s the focus of this edition of  Wilson Center NOW.


Arctic Economic Development Forum


The Wilson Center's Polar Initiative and Institute of the North are co-hosting this forum, which will address the potential for Arctic economic development, the barriers in regional development facing the Arctic, and the paths toward greater economic prosperity in the far north.